Natifa 2 Dalam 1 Serum Rambut Mengawal Rambut Rosak


Natifa Hair Serum to make your hair softer and smoother, it also reducing hair split ends. Unlike traditional formula this serum is light weight, does not cause build-up on hair and us non-greasy. It helps looks healthy hair and long lasting scent.

For Damage Hair

Black seed extract is contains with antioxidant activities, antimicrobial activities and antibacterial activities, can enhance your hair clean and hydrated, look healthy hair.


Argan Oil is contains with vitamin & nutritive that nourish the dry hair revitalizes hair shine.


Coconut Oil is contain with saturated acid and free fatty acid, has a high affinity for hair protein, to reduce the protein loss from hair.

Gamat is contains with nutrition and basic minerals, protein, collagen and Vitamin A & C, for hair looks healthy & shiny.

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